funded proposalIf you’re a network marketer struggling with running your business, or maybe a newcomer to network marketing, you will need to create some cash flow in your new business. To do that effectively you will need a funded proposal. If your objective is to give up your day job and go full time in your new business, you will either have to be very patient because network marketing typically takes up to 5 years to make a full time income that is sustainable, or you will have to find a way to create a cash flow and fund your business while your residual income grows over time.

What Is A Funded Proposal?

Essentially a funded proposal is a way to fund your new business. How this is done is by selling affiliate products or training that is of value to your prospects in order to fund advertising and lead generation so you can build your business.

The best way to take advantage of this is to get into a system that not only gives great training on taking your business online, but also provides affiliate products that you can sell for a commission. If you can get this from one source, then you could be getting the training you need to generate leads and also the means to fund your business while your residual income is developed. Magnetic sponsoring discusses the funded proposal and how you should use it to help your business. There are other systems available that work on the principle of offering great training from top marketers and also the affiliate products to sell to generate your cash flow.

The Advantages Of A Funded Proposal

The biggest advantage of the funded proposal is that it will give you time and money to be able to grow your new business without tapping into your personal resources too much. Of course you should get into your education and maybe purchase a relevant course to help you in your chosen marketing method, but essentially you can learn to develop the income you need to fund all these things by adopting a funded proposal system.

Because it takes time to build your residual income to a sustainable level that will serve your future needs and more, this funded proposal opportunity is one that, when used correctly, can help you to become wealthy and successful in your business. As your expertise grows, you may want to develop your own products that will give you 100% profit. You may want to run an affiliate program, which will lower your percentage, but you will be leveraging more people to sell more products to fund more of the things you need to fund in your business.

Network marketers both new and old can benefit from the funded proposal system and look forward to a better business and the freedom they want in their lives.

To the future

Barrie Evans