selling top tier itemsThe thing is, it shouldn’t be!

Think of it this way…

High ticket items are just the same as any other product out there, except for the price! They need the same things and basically the same thing:

  • A warm and hungry market who are looking for the product
  • A way to reach and communicate to that marketplace
  • A solid and effective sales funnel
  • A quality product

If you’re a sales person and you have experience in selling cars, do you think you could sell pencils? There is a need for both, but you need to sell a load more pencils to have the same profit as selling a car. When you have high ticket, you have a means of making more money from just ONE sale than from selling 100’s of a cheaper product. When working online, it takes similar amounts of work and effort to sell both low priced product and the higher priced ones AND you still have to find the right market and where they hang out.

Top Tier Products Are All About Perception And How You Think.

How many times have you heard people say “nobody will buy that” or “I can’t sell those things”?

If they work in sales of some kind and have some success with it, of course they can!

Belief in yourself and what you do is vital to any form of selling. Second guessing others and assuming is not only rude, but it is also a form of self-denial and a way to dismiss what you are capable of.

You can damage your own belief by “negative self-talk”, and this is a sure way to stop yourself from concentrating on the task of selling your products, whether they are low or high ticket items. Belief in your product is key and knowing your market is vital. Researching this properly and finding out what your potential customer needs is extremely important.

Ask yourself questions, but be sure to answer yourself honestly too. If you were to ask yourself for instance whether you will be able to sell the high tier product that is over $1000 rather than a $100 product, what is your logical answer?

Surely, if you are able to sell a few $100 products, you have found the people who need what that product has to offer. So, why would you say you can’t sell the $1000 product? Be logical rather than emotional. Remember, people buy a drill because they want a hole in the wall, not because they want a drill. If they want a small hole, they can buy a small drill, but if they require larger holes that need to be drilled through concrete or stone, they need a more powerful and expensive drill. It’s a question of scale of problem too.

Consider this:

business team selling top tier itemsProduct one costs $5000 and is a high quality product that covers training on how to build your house from scratch. It includes regulations and the right way to do the plumbing, the electrical installation and the building from the foundations up. You would be able to build more than just 1 house using this training. You could become a contractor in the construction industry specializing in house building.

Product two consists of tips on how to build your house, but only gives you guidelines on how to hire the right people to complete the job for you and it costs $5.

Each product has the same target market – people who want to build their own house. Do you think that while selling 1000 of the 5 dollar product you may have got a few sales of the high priced training if you offered that one? There is a good chance you would isn’t there?

Don’t be put off by the high price and the potential of high commissions and have the incorrect belief that you can’t do it. With the right product and the right person in the right target market, you can sell low AND high tier products to people and not worry about feeling the fear.

If you believe in the product, which is something you absolutely have to do to successfully sell it, surely you would be happier with a few sales with high commissions as long as you know that your recommendations will be suitable for your prospect.

Be honest with the people you serve. If you believe a lower priced product is better for them, then offer that. You can mention the higher priced one and explain the difference, but recommend what you think is best for them. For instance, you may want to avoid offering product one from the example to a person who has a disability that would make it extremely hard for them to carry out the job effectively, but product two could well be ideal for them to complete their project.

The sales process is essentially the same whether the price is low or high so carry on successfully selling your wares as you do now, but add some great products to your arsenal that can give you a better return on your efforts too.

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To the future,

Barrie Evans

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