why video marketingThere is some trepidation with many people about taking on video as part of their marketing strategy. When you can understand why video marketing is so important for you to use as part of your marketing strategy then your business will benefit a lot. Don’t do it and your business may well suffer.

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful

Video marketing puts you in front of people, even though it’s not totally live. People want and need to know you. The whole internet marketing thing is changing and video is the key to bridging the gap between virtual reality and actual reality.

Imagine if you could get calls or emails every day with prospects ASKING you if they can join you in your business because they have seen your videos and they already feel they know you, like you and trust you. This kind of thing happens to top marketers all the time. It will happen with you if you get past any fear you might have of getting in front of a camera. Would it be worth overcoming any fear to get this kind of result in your business and get you more freedom too? So when you ask yourself why video marketing, the answer is here in this paragraph.

Why Video Marketing Is The Way Forward

Video marketing is one of the most powerful and yet underused marketing strategies available to any of us. Ask yourself why video marketing is adopted by many top marketers these days. Would be because it works? I think so…

Video marketing is:

  • Critical to build relationships and connections
  • A 24/7 rapport building machine
  • Easier to rank on Google and You Tube than a blog

When you can get past your blockages, if relevant, a 2-3 minute video is easy to get out into cyberspace. AND don’t forget that You Tube is the No 3 ranked website and No 2 ranked search engine in the world!

You can make a video about ANYTHING in any niche. All you need is to find a good keyword in that niche and talk about your subject based on the keyword or key phrase.

If you take your business and break it down you can make videos on the products and their value. You can talk about the business in a review and how great the support system is and how you’re never left alone.

If there is training on a certain subject you can talk about how it helped you and offer this valuable information to the person viewing your video so they can see your value. If you’re on a training call you can take the biggest “aha” moment and go share this on a short video. The more value you can put out there and show how passionate you are to help people the more people will stick with you and then contact you or sign up to your email list and become a lead.

Whatever you think about video, it’s certainly a method that is here to stay and I think it will benefit everyone who takes it on and “goes for it”. Why video marketing? Because it works baby.

To the future

Barrie Evans