you attract what you areWhen working in the Network Marketing industry these days it’s important that you attract what you are by developing your personality. The more “giving” your personality, the more likely it is that people will notice you and your confidence and like you. This will in turn lead to them joining you in your business or learning from you and buying your products.

I have an example of how developing your personality and building your self-confidence and belief affects the way others think about you. This example is based on observance of 2 cats that are our pets at home. This is the way things go……..

The older cat, who is the grandmother of the younger one, is very pushy and gets angry with the younger cat. She always seems nervous and runs away from the younger cat. She is also very pushy and demands attention rather than being genuinely friendly. There is a theory of why she is like this, but we treat her in the right way and look after her welfare.

Having lost the younger cat’s mother when he and his sisters were very young, we hand reared the kittens until the females were given to new homes. We kept the male because he was the one who seemed the most loving and he has a great character. He is supremely confident and is dominant, simply because of the grandmother’s attitude. He is friendly to everyone and is not overly demanding except for when he wants feeding, which is natural. He tries to be friends with his grandmother, but for no apparent reason, the older cat spits and hisses at him and instigates a fight or a bad reaction every time she sees him. This attitude has the exact opposite reaction from people than the reaction to the younger cat. Only the other day my son’s girlfriend said that although the older cat was pleasant in some ways, she didn’t like her; yet she thought the younger cat was lovely and was a truly friendly and attractive cat with a great personality. The reality is that it seems that everybody likes the younger cat, while very few actually “like” the older one. So…..

What does this teach us? Basically that if you have an attitude that is based around pAttracting people to youromoting your business to anyone and everyone without connecting with them and developing a friendly relationship, you are most likely going to be thought of as “pushy” and people will distance themselves from you. Should you develop a helpful and friendly relationship with your prospect that show you as a confident and balanced person who cares and is sincere, you are more likely to develop a winning relationship that will develop into a great business relationship.

Work on your personal development and be positive in your actions in further developing your personality so people will notice that you attract what you are and will connect with you. If you are evasive and show any kind of “leave me alone” vibe you will be just that – left alone. People will hang around positive people, so work on your personality so you can attract more prospects and sign ups into your business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans