ambition in lifeHaving discussed philosophy of life and how it drives ambition and attitude, it’s time to see how your ambition in life will drive your activity. Attitude affects our ambition, motivation and the actions we take to achieve the things we want to achieve. A negative thought process leads to little or no real ambition, or at best a negative outcome to our effort. If, however you have a positive ambition driven by a positive thought process, then it’s more likely you will take positive and massive action to achieve.

Motivation To Achieve Your Ambition In Life

The kind of motivation you have is vital to your expectations of your ambition and how you can achieve it. If you’re shrouded with negativity then your motivation will be based around that negativity and will be detrimental to your progress.

Because our attitude is determined by what we feel about what we learn and experience, it is important to have a positive reaction because it impacts on our ambition in so many ways. Like our philosophy we can have an ambition that will lead to good or bad things. NOTHING is reserved for those of us with the best attitude because the attitude and ambition in life to do what we WANT to do has no true condition of principle, but more about the way we perceive what we have learned and experienced.

What we learn and experience from a young age can be the catalyst that sets our motivation and ambition. Our attitude to do these things, whether for good or bad will be the way to achieve the ambition. Why is it that the “criminal” mind seems to get more things done? I don’t think that’s absolutely true, but because there is much more publicity around “bad news” we hear about it more and more. The good that is done is not deemed as news, even though it really should be.

Motivation and ambition to succeed can be driven by good or bad influences, whether it’s to get wealthy by helping others to achieve or by greed (or sometimes desperation) by robbing others or manipulating or taking advantage of them to get what you want.

Reviewing Your Ambition In Life

your ambition drives activityThere are times in your life when you will have to review your ambition. What happens when you achieve your objective? Will you want to “move to the next level” or will you be happy to accept that’s where you want to be and just maintain the status quo you have created for yourself.

Many business people are constantly reviewing their strategy and goals, because when they reach one goal another more advanced goal needs to be reached. Your basic ambition won’t change, but it will grow as you move on. Take the case of a criminal ambition again; we see so many TV series where a criminal element start off at the ground level with what is called “petty” crime. Stealing from shops and selling goods and then moving up to bank jobs or even greater risk activity. These people take action because they are driven by greed and hate of the authorities. If they could channel this ambition and activity to do good, do you think they would be successful? Of course they would. Why? Because they have an attitude and ambition to DO something and then plan and do the job.

The top marketers and business people, no matter what business they’re in, DO what is necessary to achieve their ambition. They may come across difficulties, but they get past them because they trust their ambition in life and the action they take to deliver their targets. They are motivated by their ambition and their attitude is such that they start with small victories and then target and achieve bigger and bigger ones.

What’s the difference between the famous criminal and the famous business person? The criminal gets more publicity earlier and so is well known much earlier. The temptation to “fast track” can be a big one, but why is it necessary? Answer, it isn’t!

Your attitude in life will drive your ambition. The important thing is to stay with it and be persistent because the winners in the game are those who persist and carry out their dream. Stay positive and you’ll make it in the end.

To the future

Barrie Evans