your beliefs become your thoughtsIt’s surprising how many of us have had thoughts that govern our lives. Negative thoughts or positive ones that can be either devastating or enhancing to us in so many ways. This is down to beliefs that are embedded in our minds and reinforce the statement “your beliefs become your thoughts”. You could also say that thought can effect belief too if the thought process can change your belief.

Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts – Be Positive

How many times have you had the thought “I can’t do it” when faced with a problem? The word can’t is definitely one way to see that your beliefs become your thoughts. The very thought of “can’t” is so negative that it puts a blockage in your mind and prevents you from moving on and dealing with the problem you might have.

Can this be changed? Yes, of course it can! It’s about what you BELIEVE. You may believe in your ability to do your work well and yet you still don’t get over the part where this negative “can’t” gets in the way. This is because the negative is very powerful and fights to hang on! Change the belief to a positive one and the word shortens to “can”.

It’s not an easy task, but it is possible. Positive thoughts can change your belief when you ACT on them. The more you believe you “can’t”, the less you believe you CAN. I had several years being surrounded by negativity and it is not an easy thing to overcome. When I changed my OWN thought processes the negativity went away and more positive thoughts took over. My BELIEF had changed too. Your beliefs become your thoughts and vice versa when you are surrounded and subconsciously influenced by what is around you.

You CAN make the change. Take your positive thoughts and believe in what you have that is positive in your life. Despite what you may be thinking now, there IS a positive in your life and you need to take that and use the positive to kick out the negative.

Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts – Believe In Your Outcome

Your beliefs become your thoughts even in the business arena. This is more evident when you have a home business, where you are working this on your own. Your close environment is vital to your success. If you don’t have a strong support then there can be a negative and this might affect your progress.

What you need to do in any case is to believe in yourself, believe in your business and believe in your outcome. Picture where you want to be and see yourself as already there and you can kick out Mr Negative for good!

I have always had a strong belief in my own ability and yet the negative that was all around me for the period of my life that it was obvious still won. This was because my own belief and thought process had an “I can’t” stuck there. When I got past that because I thought “I can” and then actually “did it” was the beginning of the change. It was then I began to think about the outcome of my work effort instead of just aimlessly putting stuff out there and living in hope that things would change.

It’s up to YOU to make the change. Kick out negativity and make it a stranger in your life. Your beliefs become your thoughts so think positive and ACT on the positive thought and your belief will change and things will become easier.

To the future

Barrie Evans