your philosophyOver the last few articles I’ve discussed your philosophy of life, attitude and ambition, activity, results and lifestyle. Now I would like to discuss some conclusions so you get the best value from what I’ve spoken about. One thing to remember is that each of the things I’ve written about are easy to do and yet just as easy NOT to do and you need to be disciplined to get the best from your daily tasks to progress in your business and get to the outcome you want in life.

Developing Urgency In Your Philosophy, Attitude etc.

Considering that your ultimate success or failure depends on 3 fundamental principles, which are:

  • What we know;
  • How we feel about what we know and…
  • What we do with what we know and all we feel.

There is one more thing that you need to consider, especially if you’ve worked on your philosophy and everything else that it connects with. What we need is a way to get out of the dreaded “comfort zone” because this can be what can hold us back from a wider success.

The danger of the “comfort zone” is that we can get into a procrastination mode. There is a strange tendency to have the feeling that we have all the time we need to create our success, but is this actually the case? The most precious thing we have is TIME, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! You won’t be able to “relive” the time where you should have done the action you need to do, so you need to get some urgency into your actions too.

“Time offers opportunity but demands a sense of urgency.” Jim Rohn

Why is it that urgency often comes when our “backs are against the wall”? It’s crazy that we do this. Time is our greatest asset and our biggest enemy so don’t WASTE it!

Your Philosophy Is More Than Just Good Intentions

attitude and actions. Do it nowIt doesn’t matter how much work you do to make the change to your philosophy, attitude and ambition, results and lifestyle, you will need more than just good intentions. As I stated earlier, the work required is easy to do and also easy NOT to do. This is where your discipline has to be strong and your ambition and attitude to get things done has to be your driving force.

Business or life will not work on good intentions. Just because you’ve done SOME work and see progress, it doesn’t mean that it has to stop. When it stops your harvest will deplete to nothing and you’ll be back to square one or worse. Good intention can lead to complacency and this is what you need to avoid.

There are many clichés that are relevant here – “Tomorrow never comes”, “today is yesterday’s tomorrow” and a lot more. When you take away the good intentions and take action instead you create the urgency you need to keep going and create lasting success and achievement.

What we all need to do is to picture our future if we don’t make changes and carry on as we are. Don’t leave it too late to make the changes because every day is a day closer to not having TIME to achieve what we need to achieve. Take the good intention to do a 90 day challenge towards getting more leads and sign ups into your business by DOING it. Take the action NOW and you will see results or you will know how you have to improve things to make it better. Wait another week and you’re looking at nearly 100 days, wait ANOTHER weeks and…

You get the picture, yes?

Work on your philosophy, attitude and ambition, results and lifestyle starting NOW and don’t take the “easy” option, being the one that sees you falter and fall into the traps set for you to fall in.

To the future,

Barrie Evans