your philosophy of lifeIf I were to ask you what your philosophy of life is, would you believe that it would tell me so much about you when I get the answer? Your philosophy can lead to so much grief, happiness, strife or greatness depending on how you see yourself and how you fit into the big scheme of things and is vital for your well being. Your philosophy has an impact on your life direction, motivation, ambition and so much more and is subject to outside influences too.

How Can Your Philosophy Of Life Affect You?

Our personal philosophy is constructed from what we know and what we learn through our childhood. There are so many influences on how we get to know what we know and how we individually process these can form our philosophy on life.

What this philosophy then commands is our belief structure and values. Of course, we then make decisions based on this philosophy and we become a great success or failure in what we do based on how we deal with this. Some philosophy will be negative and this has such a detrimental effect on our lives that it destroys ambition and therefore life can be deemed to be miserable.

When we look through history it’s possible to see how philosophy can command outcomes. The good or the bad comes out and is based on a certain philosophy that can impact millions of lives. The Second World War came about because of certain philosophies that people “tagged” onto instead of pushing away. Perhaps this was because they were vulnerable and could only see the “good” that appeared to be coming from more prosperity. Because of the bad times previous to the time the “new philosophy” took over.

Can You Change Your Philosophy Of Life?

your philosophy of lifeOf course you can. The vast majority of people are genuinely good and only move to bad when in a vulnerable situation. We all know that the “bad” things come from a distinct minority who seem to command high influence.

Thinking about how a person’s philosophy influences their life; it drives motivation, ambition and so much more that is the key to a successful future. Having generally a negative philosophy of life and belief that everything is against you and you’re “unlucky” will motivate that feeling and progress to achieve more from life. The philosophy drives decisions and how you deal with situations that can benefit you or be detrimental to you as well.

How we think and how we construct our personal philosophy will influence our lives far more than any challenges we face. We need to understand this and be more disciplined to be able to take control and make the change we need to make. We need to change to a positive and constructive philosophy and this may seem to be difficult, but it will be necessary to be able to bring more success.

The way to make the change your philosophy of life is to take what you’ve learned from past experiences and look at them objectively. If you can review the conclusions of life you’ve made a start. You need to ask the question “what do I want?” then answer that question honestly. Look at where you need to go, what you need to learn to get there and review the changes you need to make. That way you have a clear and concise path to be able to get to where you want to go. The most important thing from all of this is to make a DECISION to change and go out and DO IT!

We all need to learn from failures, because success is made up of several failures. In order to succeed, the way we react to failure is important.

“One way to learn to do something right is to do something wrong.” – Jim Rohn

It may be that we need to get some coaching or counseling to start the change. The important thing to change your philosophy of life is to make sure you make the start and see it through.

To the future

Barrie Evans